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Case Study: Republic 3000

19th December 2017

Here at AGVC, we are proud of our exciting business projects with Republic 3000. Republic 3000 offer a range of bespoke and handcrafted designs for both internal and external application. Recently, they have worked with us to create a printed wood finish design of marvel characters such as Spiderman and Thor.





Who are Republic 3000?

Republic 3000 are a provider of custom designs for commercial space, their range includes bespoke and handcrafted design for a range of applications and spaces. Co-ordinating personalised themes for commercial spaces, Republic 3000 offer a package from design to finishing of a complete space rebrand.

Additional aspects of their business are delivering and maintaining handcrafted flowers and plant displays. Which is an extra touch that livens up business spaces and can bring about a more positive mood for those at work.

Our Project with Republic 3000

Embarking on a project, they wanted to create marvel themed wooden panel displays for a client, however they did not have the capability to print onto such material. Working with us, Republic had sent over laminated MDF panels; which had a wood finish as free issue. At a size of 814mmx1941mm these displays would be striking within a commercial space, especially once the prints had been finished. Using our flatbed UV ink printer, we printed the marvel based designs with incredible detail and clarity onto the wood surface.

Our Wood Printing Capabilities

Using a dynamic flatbed UV printer, we are able to print on a variety of surfaces including (but not limited to): vinyl, PVC, paper, wood and powder coated metals. We can provide prints for a range of purposes, such as soft indoor signage, hard outdoor signage and temporary displays.

With UV ink, the finish is non-glossy with extreme clarity and image resolution. It can print onto a variety of materials with no distinguishable differences in print colour or ink density. The ink does not wash with water or fade with sunlight, making it an ideal option for internal and external use.

Here at Andesign UK Ltd, we provide a range of bespoke displays to suit your decorative needs. If you wish to enquire; please call us on 0808 129 2272 or email us at  

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