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Large Format Vacuum Former Arrives at AGVC

1st May 2018

Key assets of AGVC’s latest investment into 3D printing have been installed with product tests being performed daily.

In the last few days, AGVC have taken delivery of a Formech Large Format Vacuum Former, enabling the company to produce fully printed 3D formed products ideal for signage, prop making, art installations and more.

The Formech Large Format Vacuum Former allows the vacuum forming of sheet sizes of up-to 2500mm x 1250mm with a maximum draw depth of 600mm.

The large size opens opportunities for large colour printed panels to be vacuum formed to shape creating unique and eye-catching products.

Complimenting the companies previously installed Large Format 3D Printer and EFI H1625-SD Printer the combination gives AGVC the ability to produce fully printed 3D products in large volumes.

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