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Massivit 1800 Large Format Printer Arrives

21st March 2018

The anticipated arrival of the Massivit 1800 Large Format 3D Printer to the AGVC premises marks another milestone in the companies strive for innovation and creativity.

Since the company’s formation in 1996 their strength comes from their ability to innovate and evolve within the print and signage industry and this marks another step in that strategy.

On 27th February 2018, AGVC took delivery of a Massivit 1800 Large Format 3D Printer arriving in a large transport crate fitting within a curtain-size articulated lorry with only inches to spare.

Moving the printer into it’s final position was going to be equally as tight as the wooden transport containers size was almost as large as the cargo shutter on the rear of the building.

The container was slowly moved through the warehouse into its final position with installation and testing taking place the very next day.

To complete the investment and to compliment the Large Format 3D Printer, AGVC are expecting delivery of an EFI H1625-SD Printer with SuperDraw inks, a Formech 2440 Large Format Vacuum Former along with the installation of a purpose-built Spray Paint Booth.

Production samples have already been completed using the Massivit 1800 Large Format 3D Printer with full production starting soon.


Massivit 1800 Large Format Printer with Production Samples

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