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Our New Router - Axyz 6210 Trident

18th December 2017

Here at AGVC, we are constantly striving to improve the level of service we provide to customers. In the pursuit of professional, consistent and reliable finishing, we invest heavily in our automated equipment and staff training. In this pursuit, we have decided upon purchasing the AXYZ 6210 Trident Router-Knife Hybrid often touted as the most versatile router-knife hybrid within the industry.




What is it?

The 6210 Trident is a fully automated router and cutter, offering a range of cutting tools with a capability to cut and shape most print and signage materials. Operated through computer application software, the 6210 Trident is fully automatic and can be supervised by staff with basic training.

What can it do for me?

With a variety of cutting tools, the 6210 Trident can cut through various materials with a consistent and professional finish each time. Whether you need cut-to-print for graphics and print finishing, sign making or foam packaging – this router-knife hybrid can complete any cut.

How does it work?

Operating through a computer system called V Carve Pro, the supervisor would simply input the material size and thickness once he has received the template file from design. After this, the operator would set the cut lines and recognition dots, assigning the camera tool to follow the cut path. Once this has been done, assign this information to the machine memory and the router will cut for you.

What can Andesign provide as a result?

With the addition of the new router we offer faster turnaround times on projects which require routing, such as signage and large format print. In turn, we can offer fast turnarounds for large projects, and a higher capability for volume cutting should you require such a service.

Here at Andesign UK Ltd we provide a range of cutting and finishing options for any of your projects. To enquire, please call us on 0808 129 2272 or email us at

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