Commercial 3D Printing

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THERE HASN'T BEEN SUCH A REVOLUTION IN THIS INDUSTRY SINCE THE PRINTING PRESS WAS INVENTED in 1440 and with our 3D printer there is now no object on Earth that we cannot print.

Massively outsized, undersized, perfectly sized, supersized, any size- Andesign can print it.

We've been at the forefront of innovation and technology for years and have now happily invested in Large Format 3D Printing and finishing technologies such as thermoforming so that we are no longer limited by imagination- we can go way, way, way beyond that.

The introduction of large format 3D printing allows us to create complex shapes for signage and other suitable applications which were traditionally unachievable, prohibitively expensive or mindbogglingly complex.


Large Format 3D Signage

Large Format 3D printing allows for the production of complex three-dimensional shapes which can be reproduced at any time.

Prior to printing, a digital 3D model is created in 3D design software to the exact dimensions required. This allows for a preliminary proofing of the model before production begins.

The 3D model is then reproduced on our Massivit 1800 Large Format 3D Printer at the fastest production speeds imaginable.


Printed Thermoforming

Thermoforming is the process of heating a thermoplastic material and shaping it to a mould.

Depending on application and quantity, thermoforming 3D signage is a cost-effective way of reproducing the same item multiple times requiring only one mould to be created. Using our EFI H1625-SD printer with SuperDraw UV inks we are able to pre-print thermoform materials and when combined with our Formech 2440 Large Format Vacuum Forming machine we can create custom designed three-dimensional printed signage.


Other Finishing Options

Our purpose-built finishing department includes a surface finishing area & spray booth offering multiple finishing options for your 3D printed items.

For items not being thermoformed we offer a full paint finishing service in our purposebuilt spray booth.

A wide range of paint finishes are available and all items are cured quickly in our drying area to ensure fast turn around and high-quality surface finishes.


Applications for 3D Printing


Art Installations

Create bespoke 3D art installations directly from a digital 3D model. The UV stable materials have the ability to combine pieces to create large bespoke structures.


Project Demonstration

Large architectural 3D models can be used to help realise the scale and complexity of commercial developments and city centre regeneration projects. Creating highly detailed models of buildings and construction projects can be a great way to promote and demonstrate your ideas.


Home Décor

We can create light fixtures, personal items and unique functional furniture. Make sure your home is unique with one-off bespoke items for your home.


Office Décor

Create fun and unique items throughout the office or create unique boardroom talking points to break the ice with clients. 3D models demonstrating your business services are very unusual.


Rapid-prototyping & Short Run

Short run prototyping is normally very expensive. 3D printing offers an attractive alternative with the ability to create 3D objects accurately and at reduced costs meaning you can check the size and suitability of prototyping items without the extended lead times and heavy costs of having items individually machined.


Retail & Point of Sale

Engage your customers with unique 3D printed displays in-store. Promote a product with a large display in-store such as an oversized shoe to advertise a new range of footwear.

*except water and mercury (but not excluding lava)